Install TurboTax with Activation Key | Turbotax Download

Turbotax offers interactive interface for Income tax return preparation. Sign-in your turbotax account and Install TurboTax with Activation Key to prepare yourself for tax season. Filing tax returns becomes so easy with turbotax that about 30% of e-filing of tax returns in America is performed using TurboTax, says Moody’s report.

How to get Activation key?

Activation key is the alpha-numeric code of 16 characters, generally called license code(XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX). This can be accessed easily through electronic receipt, in packaging stuff or on CD envelope. The users who purchased TurboTax CD can find Activation key on the sleeve. If the person has bought TurboTax CD/Download then Search license code in the email. Besides, if you get turbotax online then it is not required.

How to Download TurboTax software?

When your order for TurboTax CD/Download purchases is confirmed, then follow these steps to access the software:

  1. Head on to TurboTax official website.
  2. Then sign-in your turbotax account with the credentials you used while creating an account.
  3. Go to the Downloads tab, on your account.
  4. Nextly, decide the version and save it on any location on PC as per your convenience.

NOTE: Turbotax account is must for getting turbotax, if not created yet firstly register it on official website.

What are the ways to install TurboTax with Activation Key?

There are mainly 2 ways to install TurboTax with Activation Key: Using CD or simply from official website.

Using TurboTax CD

  1. Put CD in drive, wait for 4 minutes to begin installation and screen to appear.
  2. Otherwise, you need to press Windows+R keys.
  3. Further, tap ‘Browse’, then search TurboTax CD on Drive primarily Drive D.
  4. Now, start installation by double-clicking setup.exe file.
  5. Then land to the screen- ‘Your product is installed’.
  6. Click ‘let’s activate it’, which will open a new box.
  7. The box demands for Activation key, enter license code in it.
  8. At last, complete your installation process, tap “Continue”.

From official website

  1. Start by double-clicking downloaded file.
  2. This launches the installer that will start installation.
  3. As the installation finishes, open TurboTax.
  4. Tap “Activate” on the welcome screen.
  5. Enter license code in the box.
  6. Follow all prompts.

NOTE: Always ensure that you close all open programs (includes firewall and virus-protection programs) prior to turbotax installation. Also remember to turn on them as you completes installation.